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prduct development

Product Development

Here at Avid, we provide insight and assistance in every step of the production process. Starting with product development, we allow you to choose from our catalogue of tens of thousands of styles and colours. Our team is available to recommend styles that work best for the type of decoration you’re looking for. If you’re unable to meet with us in our Showroom, you have the option to receive blank samples to get a better look at the garments prior to order placement. This is also the time to discuss custom labelling, such as custom clip labels, neck tags and hang tags. From here, we collaborate, brainstorm & research to ensure that we use the correct garment, design and decoration type to make your idea come to life!

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We offer a wide range of products made from many different countries around the world. Where your item comes from can vary based on your values of ecoconsciousness, type of fabric required and even your budget can play a factor into where we source the items. How your product is made is entirely up to you! You decide how you would like to decorate your item (although we are here to make recommendations), and what you would like to customize. We offer custom neck tags, hang tags, patches and we will even fold and bag the item so it’s ready to sell! We accomplish all of this using all of our amazing resources, some of which include: 8 automatic presses, 550 heads of embroidery, a state of the art digital printing machine, in house sewers and labellers and the ability to package and fulfill up to 20,000 units per day.



There are a million ways to decorate a garment. Whether you’re doodling with marker, or bedazzling with jewels, a custom shirt is made to be yours. At Avid, we offer a variety of different decoration types including: screenprinting, embroidery, DTG and custom finishing. 

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Screen Printing

screen printing

Our basic printing allows the freedom and flexibility to put any design on a variety of garments. Using durable and vivid inks, your design will be sure to turn heads. Using our years of retail experience, our (not so) Standard Printing processes provide the best possible quality and value.



Our in-house Embroidery Team knows needles and threads better than your grandmother ever did! Avid offers Appliqué/Twill embroidery to create the perfect finish for custom jerseys and fleece, 3D embroidery to bring more depth to your logo as well as custom patches to be sewn onto garments and accessories. 


DTG (Direct-To-Garment)

Have a design with a lot of colours but only want to print a few? DTG printing has no setup fees, and is perfect for small runs of full colour images. The water based prints are vivid and super soft!


Cut & Sew

From concept to cotton, we’ll take your vision and create custom garments that differentiate your brand from the rest. If you don’t see a product that works for you in our catalogue or showroom, we can create custom pieces through our Cut & Sew program. Clients have the option to have them made within Canadian borders or imported from our multiple international partner facilities. The Cut & Sew option allows clients to get creative and create a one-of-a-kind product with garments that can be custom knit, custom dyed or design a completely new product with a tech pack. We offer a wide array of knitting methods, cotton and synthetic blends, washing treatments, and any dye colour in the rainbow. From tight-knit pique, to super soft fleece, we’re well equipped to bring your ideas to life. The minimum order quantity for the Cut & Sew program is 500-1000 units per style, per colour. 

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