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Our Story

elo was born.

Then they got better at it. And faster!

They negotiated better prices and built a reputation for standing by their products and making sure every customer was happy with their purchase.

Add a # 1 website on Shopify in Pakistan and the brightest people in the industry with over 37 years of experience and you have the fastest growing, most dependable, forward-thinking, brand-aware, speed-conscious promotional product and workwear company in the country!

Day in and day out they strive to make the right impression with their customers, vendors, and  employees.

Now if they could just make mom happy.

Always pursuing perfection.

Throughout their childhood Usman and Umar were obsessed with innovation. During their education aboard both had successfully started their own businesses.

Usman specialises in sourcing components in order to make quality garments. While Umar specialises in marketing, customer support and e-commerce.