Dynamic Moisture Control Anti Microbial Polo Shirt




Moisture-wicking, antimicrobial short-sleeved Polo-shirt designed to deliver the ultimate  comfort and performance. 

Anti Odour Silver

Garments treated with our Anti Odour Silver technology benefit from the natural antimicrobial properties of silver. Tiny traces of silver, distributed evenly throughout the garment, inhibit the growth of bacteria reducing mould and odour. This treatment is permanent – it will never wash or wear out.

Dynamic Moisture Control

DMC is a wicking treatment that rapidly spreads the moisture our bodies create across the surface area of a garment. This can be achieved through the technical construction of the garment or by a performance yarn which ensures that the garment dries more quickly, encourages evaporative heat loss and helps you stay cooler and more comfortable for longer.

  • Tailored Collars

  • Three-button placket

  • Short sleeve

  • Hemmed cuffs and bottom

Fabric: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane with Dynamic Moisture Control and with Silver odour control technology

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Size Chart
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Logo Placement

How long the moisture management and Silver anti microbial technology last?

These properties are built into the shirt permanently. Therefore, thes properties would last the lifetime of the garment.

What are the charges for print?

Rs.7 per sq. inch for the print per shirt. No setup charge for order over 20 pieces

Can you send samples?

Yes, we can. Sample charges are Rs.3,000 for one sample which includes print up to 6 sq. inches.

Can I select Print Placement?

Yes. You have a choice of printing on the back, front and on any of the sleeves.

How long does it take to ship the goods?

In Stock goods usually ship within 2 working days. Please check before placing orders.

The Fabric

Dynamic Moisture Control, Anti Microbial

95% polyamide, 5% elastane with Dynamic Moisture Control and with Silver odour control technology
The Embroidery

The Printed